Catamt Coyote (First Five Songs)

by Catamt/Coyote

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Catamt/Coyote - First Five Songs

Made with friends, for friends.
AUG '13


released August 17, 2013

Tara Toms - songwriting, vocal performance, guitar, production, various sounds

Josh Dean - production and mixing, tracking, tape bouncing, down-to-the-wire partnership and assistance // guitar on 1984 and Andy II, also various sounds

Caleb Cossick - vocal tracking on Hypocrite and Tattoo, sequencing and arrangement of electronic sounds, general camaraderie and aesthetic support

Pat Berberich - that sultry piano and bass on Andy II



all rights reserved


Catamt/Coyote Pennsylvania

Yes and yes and yes and yes and yes and yes.

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Track Name: 1984
You were born in 1984
In 1984 I was a "someday, maybe"
You were lanky and curious
At the turn of the decade
At the turn of the decade
I was a colicky baby

Baby, I grew up
In a still pond
Save for family vacation
You grew up
In a riptide
Of repeat relocation

And landed in my town
You landed beside me
Poor souls, all of those
Standing behind me
Lucky happenstance
Lucky routine
Blessed belief, all mystery easier
In light of these things

It must end in opening
It must fall from our shoulders
There must be a moment of light left to look for
When this darkness is over
The truth is the damage that's done has been done
But the one that I love, he remains the one
The only place I ever am soothed
Is when flat on my back - in a dark and empty room
Where I still see the past
I still speak to the moon:

How long does this last?
Are you coming back soon?
Track Name: Mariah
Mariah Carey on the radio
I'll make this car go as fast as it can go
I'm feeling awesome today

Nobody knows what I do when I'm alone
No one would guess I know the words to that song
I'm feeling awesome today

The worth of a body is the life it contains
My blood's just a liquid, my brain's just a brain
So whatever happens is just what happens.

I'm feeling awesome today.
Track Name: Andy II
Andy, I don't think I can talk to you no more
Every time I find a window, you remind me of the floor
And I retreat to my dark corner, lay me down across them boards
(I'm in love with you all the way to my core)

Andy, I don't think I can come outside today
I'm a head without a body in a body I can't tame
And if I lift my hand to reach for you, I'll surely float away
(I'm in love with you much more than I can say)

Andy, I don't think you've seen the other side
Some folks roll downhill with big grins;
Some just grit their teeth and climb
And I'm in hell across the water
What an untouchable divide
(I'm in love with you, remember if I die.)
Track Name: Tattoo
Let your song spill out.

You better thank the Lord for the mind alive enough to know
There's something to be thankful for
A life is a little like
Riding an ostrich
It's funny but perilous, so honey be careful. This
Is all you get
And when it's over guaranteed, you're gonna plead
To everything
Don't make me leave yet!"

But it's dark in the hearts of all empty cathedrals
And dark in the catacombs.
Silent and bleach-boned remains
Of short-lived, long-dead patriarchs
Having scratched out importance,
Have been scratched from the province
And delivered like infants
Back into a womb beyond existence
Assuming no resistance.

All systems must burn out.

Let your song spill out
Between the white stalactites in the cave of your mouth
I wanna see you
Strum and
Step and
Sketch and

Chop the wood and
Carry water

Be alive, be in awe
Be one billionth of a boulder.

The world's just a tattoo of God on God's shoulder.